Keep learning over summer with our home school resources

Primary Summer Learning

Islington's School Improvement and Enrichment teams have created some ideas and inspiration for primary school pupils to keep learning over the summer!

Each week, use our 'ideas and inspiration' print-outs available below. We also have lots of resources to support the core subjects of reading, writing, Maths, and Science.


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Home learning tips and ideas for children at KS1, in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.


Get inspired with creative activities

These materials have been created by the 11 by 11 and World of Work enrichment Teams. They have lots of ideas from the many cultural partners in Islington and interesting activities from local businesses.


Out and About

These ideas are all about nature and what you can learn whilst 'out and about'.

Subject resources

See the pages below for more resources for reading, writing, Maths and Science.


Subject Resources

Website of the Week

The internet is full of rich, online learning resources but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Each week we have featured a fantastic website to visit.

Bonus Website - the National Trust

The summer holidays need to be enjoyed and here you can find 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4.

These include rolling down a hill, star-gazing and being barefoot.

The Department for Education has collated and quality assured many other learning websites.

Secondary Summer Learning

We have produced resources to support Summer learning of Secondary School students in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Some are Summer long projects and some are shorter activities that take only an hour or so. Students can dip in and out of these throughout summer.

  • For English there is a Summer Reading Project and a Writing History Project in association with Islington Libraries. We've also produced two collections of poetry to read.
  • For Maths and Science we have produced Summer Snack Packs. Each Snack Pack contains links to activities that students can try out over the summer, many of them are so much fun students won’t even realise that they are learning!
There is a mix of KS3, KS4 and KS5 activities. There are also links to revision programmes and videos for GCSE students who might need to catch-up on missed work in order to prepare for their mocks in the Autumn Term.

Reception Summer Learning

If you have a child aged 4-5, download resources below to help keep your child learning over summer.

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What's for lunch?

Stuck for what to eat? Here are some simple ideas for lunch and a couple of recipes to give you inspiration. Get the whole family involved in preparing the meal for you to eat together.

Managing screen time

Remember that its important to strike a balance between time spent online on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone and participating in other activities. So think about some other things you could be doing throughout the day. These might include:

  • reading a book
  • playing a game
  • solving a puzzle
  • completing a jigsaw
  • cooking
  • drawing, colouring, painting or weaving
  • resting

More Resources from Islington Council

Weekly Lesson Plans - April to July 2020 Home Learning - Creative Activities Home Learning - Libraries and the Islington Museum Home Learning - Maths Shed Home Learning - Music Education Islington Home Learning - World of Work Home Learning - Year 6 Revision Home Learning - Secondary English

Other Websites

You can explore these websites for more information and resources:


Advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online:


Internet matters

Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online

Internet matters

Parent info

Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online

Parent info


Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online



Support for parents and carers from the NSPCC


Arsenal Primary Materials

These Player Packs contain activities that are suitable for children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7-11).


Other Resources

Download these resources from other organisations:

More to do

Supporting your children's education during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information, guidance and support for parents and carers of children who are learning at home.


SEND Local Offer SEND Local Offer

The go to place for information, advice and services for children with Special Educational Needs or disabilities.

Local Offer

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