All Early Years, Safeguarding, Social Care and Family Support, and Schools training is booked and managed through the Training channel on IslingtonCS.

You can browse all available courses and request a place using your IslingtonCS account. When you submit a training request, it will usually need to be authorised by your establishment line manager and then reviewed by the course organiser.

Finding a Course

To get started, click 'training' from the main menu bar:

Then select the appropriate channel for your training:

  • Schools Training
  • Islington Safeguarding Training
  • Early Years and Childcare Training
  • Social Care and Family Support Training.

If you're not sure what channel a course is in, check the course code:

  • School courses start with 'CPD'
  • Islington Safeguarding courses start with 'ISCB'
  • Early Years courses start with 'EYCPD'
  • Social Care and Family Support courses start with 'SFS'

After that, select a course category, or click 'search events' to find a course.

By Category

You can search for courses by category and sub-category


By Date

Search by date using the mini-calendar

Search Events

By Keyword

Search for a specific event by keyword, event type or target audience from Search events

By course code

Enter the course code in the keyword box in Search events.

Viewing from a mobile?

Mobile view

Click the 'hamburger' (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the screen to expand the menu.

Once you have selected your training channel, click the hamburger menu again to see the full list of training menu options, including 'My Profile and Bookings' and 'Search Events'.

My Profile and Bookings

My Profile and Bookings is where you can review all of your pending event requests and review your historical training record.

Select 'Events due to attend and booking status' to view details of all courses you've requested a place for. Events are marked as 'unauthorised' if your request is awaiting approval from your line manager and 'unconfirmed' if it is awaiting approval from the course organiser. Please contact your line manager or the course organiser if your place is unauthorised or unconfirmed. The event details will include the appropriate contact for the event. Also from here, you can download details of the training to your calendar. The list will include training that has been requested on your behalf by your line manager or by the course organiser. If you receive a notification stating 'no events found' you have not requested any training.

If any of the courses you attended included a certificate, you can download these from Events Attended after the register has been marked and you have completed any necessary evaluation forms.

If you need to cancel a booking, you must do this from here.

You can also update your contact details, your training level and manage your course alerts. Line Managers will also find line manager tools here.

You can go directly to My Profile and Bookings for each training channel by clicking the relevant link below:

Schools Training

Islington Safeguarding Training

Early Years and Childcare Training

Social Care Training

Event Closed

If the course is closed, you will not be able to request a place, but you may be able to join the waiting list

By default, all courses will close for new bookings three working days before it is due to take place.

You may be able to join the waiting list by clicking 'Waiting List' in place of 'request a place'. You will then be added to the waiting list should a place become available.

I can't see any courses

Some courses are restricted by training level.

This is so only the right persons book onto certain courses. If you can't see a particular course, then your training level is lower than the course training level. You can review your training level from 'edit profile' in My Profile and Bookings. Follow the link below for more help:

Edit your profile

Booking a course

When you have found a course you are interested in, click 'Request a place' to begin the approval process.

You will need to confirm your account details before submitting your request. If you haven't already completed our equalities monitoring form, you must complete this before you are able to request a place. You only need to complete this form once and can edit your answers from My Profile and Bookings.

Remember that all training must be approved by your establishment line manager before it it is reviewed by the course organiser. You will be informed by email once your request has been reviewed. Any other communication about the course will be sent by email, so please ensure your email address is up to date.

Line Managers are able to request training on behalf of their colleagues from the same form: click 'request a place' as normal and then click the link to request a place on behalf of a colleague.

Information for line managers

Further Help

See below for additional instructions for the following channels: