What is a line manager?

Each establishment on IslingtonCS has at least one line manager who must authorise all new account requests and all training requests. Line Managers are also able to book training on behalf of colleagues from their establishment and view reports on courses completed by staff.

A line manager on IslingtonCS is not necessarily the same person as the staff member's day-to-day line manager: it is usually the person responsible for training or for managing staff leave. This could be an HR manager, a Deputy Head, or a CEO.

It is possible to have more than one line manager, but each person identified as line manager will receive notifications about new accounts and training requests, and it is not possible to filter these notifications according to specific roles.

If your establishment is quite large with many teams and different persons responsible for managing training and staff absence, it may be more appropriate to set up individual 'departments' within your establishment and to assign a line manager to each department. Please contact us if you would like to have this arranged.


Authorising a new account

When a new user requests an account on IslingtonCS, they won't be able to log in until their account has been authorised by their establishment's line manager. 

The line manager will receive an email notification each time a new account is created which will include a direct link to the account authorisation page. From here, the line manager can view all pending applications and approve and decline these accounts individually or in bulk.

The line manager will need to log-in to access this information.

How to log in

The account authorisation page can also be accessed from 'pending account requests' in 'My Profile and Bookings' in the relevant Training channel. This will be highlighted in red if any requests are pending.

Authorising a training request

When a new user requests training on IslingtonCS, their request won't be considered by the event organiser until it has been approved by their establishment line manager. 

The line manager will receive an email notification each time a new training request is made which will include links to 'approve' or 'decline' the request. A list of pending training requests can also be accessed through 'My Profile and Bookings' in the relevant Training channel. From here, the line manager can view all pending applications and approve and decline these requests individually or in bulk.

When a line manager authorises a training request, it will then go to the event organiser to review. The participant's place won't be confirmed until the course organiser confirms the place. Line managers can view the status of their colleague's training requests from Line Manager tools in My Profile and Bookings:

  • Unauthorised - the request is awaiting approval by a line manager
  • Unconfirmed - the request is awaiting confirmation by the event organiser
  • Confirmed - the request has been authorised by their line manager and confirmed by the course organiser
  • Cancellation requested - the participant has requested their place be cancelled. This is now awaiting approval by the course organiser
  • Cancelled - the place has been cancelled

Requesting training on behalf of a colleague

Line managers are able to request training on behalf of a colleague.

After finding the relevant course, click 'request a place' as normal and then follow the subsequent link to 'request training on behalf of a colleague'. The line manager can then select the user from the drop-down list.

If the user doesn't appear in the list, the user may have already requested a place on the course, has had their request previously denied, or they don't have an IslingtonCS account.

Please note that if a user's request has already been declined, it is not possible to make a new request.

When requesting a place on behalf of a colleague, the line manager approval step is assumed and is skipped. The request will therefore immediately go to the course organiser to review.

Review completed and forthcoming training

My Profile and Bookings includes a number of line manager tools to view forthcoming training and training completed by your colleagues.

The specific line manager tools available are:

  • Events I have booked for colleagues
  • Events colleagues are due to attend
  • Events attended by colleagues

Line managers are also able to generate a colleague report, which shows all events completed during a specific timeframe or a complete event attendance history report.

To access My Profile and Bookings select Training and then select the applicable training channel, for example 'Schools Training'

Becoming a line manager

If you're not sure if your establishment already has a Line Manager, or if you would like to become a line manager, please email us with the name of the establishment you are from and your job role.

Email Us


  • All pending account authorisation requests and pending training requests can be reviewed from Line Manager tools in My Profile and Bookings.
  • If you are not logged in and request training, you will be asked to log in and may then be re-directed back to the home page. You will then need to select 'Training' and the relevant training channel again to access My profile and bookings.
  • It is not possible to change your response to an account request after it has been submitted. If an account is declined, the user's account details can not be retrieved and the user must re-register.
  • It is not possible to repeat a training request that is denied. Please only deny a request if you are sure the staff member is not able to participate in the training.

My Profile and Bookings

You can go directly to My Profile and Bookings for each training channel by clicking the relevant link below:

Schools Training

Islington Safeguarding Training

Early Years and Childcare Training

Social Care Training