You can only log in to IslingtonCS after you have verified your email address and your account has been approved by your line manager or a system administrator.

Once your account has been authorised, you will receive an email confirming your account is active. Click 'login' to begin and then select either 'LGfL Login' or 'IslingtonCS' login depending on which route you took to register.

Important: please ensure you select the appropriate route to login as your account details will only work in the respective section.

USO Padlock

Logging in with an LGfL Account

USO users can log in by clicking 'LGfL Login' and then by entering your USO account details. If successful, you will be redirected to the IslingtonCS home page or the original page you requested.


Logging in with an IslingtonCS Account

If you created a new IslingtonCS account, click 'IslingtonCS' to enter your username and password. You will also need to select the service area you want to log in to.

Forgotten your password?

Log-in now

Your log in details will work as soon as your account has been authorised and you've been informed by email. IslingtonCS is made up of four training channels and two communications channels. Select the channel you require and you will be asked to log in:


Select 'Training' to book any CPD, ISCB, EYFS or SFS training. From here, you can also update your profile, review pending training requests and access your personal training record.

Schools and Early Years

Select 'Schools' or 'Early Years' for the latest news, tools and resources for these types of settings. Please note that some content in each communication channel is restricted according to your job role and the type of setting you work in.

Unable to log in

If you are having trouble logging in to IslingtonCS, please check that you have followed all of the registration steps.

You will not be able to log in until you have verified your email address and received notification that your account has been authorised.

If after creating your account you are unable to log in please check the following steps depending on the error code you receive:

  • "You haven't verified your email address" - you still need to follow the link in the automated email sent by the system when you created your account. Check your email inbox and spam folder. If you are unable to find the email, please email Csonline.
  • "You are not authorised to login" - your account is awaiting approval by your establishment line manager.
  • "Use Single Sign-on" - this means you registered using your LGfL account and should login by clicking 'LGfL Login' from the login screen. You will be redirected to the LGfL login page where you can enter your LGfL account username and LGfL password to login.
  • "We could not find your user details" - please check you have entered your username correctly. If you can't remember your username, use the 'forgotten your password?' link to reset your password and receive an email with your username.
  • The log in details you have entered are invalid - please check you have entered your username and password correctly. Use the 'forgotten your password?' link to reset your password.
  • "you have entered your password incorrectly-please try again" - all passwords are case sensitive ("Password" or "password"). If you have forgotten your password you can reset it from the IslingtonCS login page: click 'forgotten your password?' underneath the password field box.
  • "incomplete shibboleth headers" - this means you have tried logging in with your LGfL account but work in a setting outside of Islington or from a setting that we do not have Federation access to. You must register for a new IslingtonCS account using your email address.

Forgotten password

You can reset your password from the log in page.

Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your password follow the password reset link on the IslingtonCS login page. This is after the username and password fields.

Checking your browser version

IslingtonCS works best on the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Please follow the steps below to check which version browser you are using.

Internet Explorer: click the gear icon and then 'About Internet Explorer'. If your version is not version 11 or greater, please ask your system administrator to update the software.

Google Chrome: click the hamburger menu next to the address bar followed by 'help' and then 'About Google Chrome'. Chrome will automatically update to the latest version.

Mozilla Firefox: click the hamburger menu next to the address bar followed by the help question mark icon and then 'About Firefox'. Firefox will automatically update to the latest version.