My Profile and Bookings is where you can edit your profile, review all of your pending event requests and review your historical training record.

My Profile and Bookings is available from the menu bar in each training channel and is made up of three sections:

My Account

  • Change your password: you need to know your existing password in order to update it. If you can't remember your password, follow the 'forgotten password' link from the login page.
  • Edit your profile: change your job title, your establishment or your training level. Your training level is particularly important for finding advanced training, including specialist safeguarding training.
  • Course Alerts: you can receive email notifications each time a new course is added that matches the preferences you set here. This is set by each channel, so you can subscribe to course alerts for each. You also set your newsletter preferences from here.
  • Equalities Monitoring: update your personal data, including your gender and ethnicity.


  • Events due to attend and booking status: select this to view details of all courses you've requested a place for.
    • Events are marked as 'unauthorised' if your request is awaiting approval from your line manager and 'unconfirmed' if it is awaiting approval from the course organiser. Please contact your line manager or the course organiser if your place is unauthorised or unconfirmed.
    • The event details will include the appropriate contact details for the event. Please use these contact details if you have any specific questions about the course or want to find out about the status of your booking request.
    • Follow the appropriate link to add the event to your Google calendar, Outlook calendar or iCalendar
    • The list will include training that has been requested on your behalf by your line manager or by the course organiser.
    • If you receive a notification stating 'no events found' you do not have any pending training requests.
  • Events attended: see a list of events that you have attended. Please note that any courses you attend won't appear in your events list until after the register has been marked. If any of the courses you attended included a certificate, you can download these from here after you have completed any necessary evaluation forms.
  • Cancel a booking: If you need to cancel a booking, you must do this from here.

Other Events, Qualifications and CPD

Here you can record information about other courses you may have attended that weren't booked through IslingtonCS.

My Profile and Bookings

You have a separate profile in each of the training channels on IslingtonCS. This is because you can set channel-specific course alerts.

You can go directly to My Profile and Bookings for each training channel by clicking the relevant link:

Schools Training

Islington Safeguarding Training

Early Years and Childcare Training

Social Care Training