Islington Council welcomes the government’s new compulsory subjects of health education, relationships education and relationships and sex education (RSE), which come into effect in September 2020. This will make the majority of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education compulsory and will help ensure that pupils in every school are equipped with the knowledge and skills to keep safe and healthy and respectfully discuss and develop their attitudes and values. It will help to ensure that children are taught, in an age-appropriate way, about families, friendships and respectful relationships, the law, basic first aid, mental and physical wellbeing including changes to their bodies as they grow up, internet safety and harms.

Resources and guidance for schools

Islington Council statement

Schools are encouraged to use and share this statement of support for the new statutory changes widely.

PDF Islington Council statement on new RSHE curriculum

Letter of support for schools

Are you 2020 ready?

All the support available to Islington schools to prepare them for teaching health, relationships and sex education as part of PSHE education.

PDFIslington support - Are you 2020 ready?

Frequently Asked Questions for parents

Two sheets with answers to the questions parents commonly ask about the changes to the curriculum.

PDF2020 FAQs for PRIMARY parents

PDF2020 FAQs for SECONDARY parents

DfE Update

June 2020

This update informed schools that they can delay introducing the new curriculum for relationships education (primary), RSE (secondary) and health education (all schools) until the start of summer term 2021, if they need to.

PDFDfE letter, June 2020