The Daily Mile, a free and simple physical activity initiative that has been found to have profound effects in improving children’s fitness, concentration, behaviour, mood and overall wellbeing. It is an initiative that can be implemented in schools to increase physical activity among all of our school children. The premise is that teachers take their class outside every day for 15 minutes to run, jog or walk (or a combination of all three) around a designated route. Children simply run in their school clothes and return to class feeling refreshed, energised and ready to learn.

The benefit of the Daily Mile on children doing SATs

It has been proven that physical activity improves fitness and body composition, but it does so much more than that. Whilst Islington teachers have reported improved concentration levels in the classroom, recent studies on the effects of the Daily Mile have shown that doing a 15 minute run during the school day shows improvements in behaviour and cognitive abilities with a reduction in stress levels. These effects are what make the Daily Mile ideal for both Year 2 and Year 6 pupils in the run up to and during their SATs. Please see the attached research on the positive effects of the Daily Mile and more specifically on the positive effects that the Daily Mile had on a cohort of Year 6 pupils that did the Daily Mile prior to and during their SATs (Coppermile Report). I think you will agree that giving children those 15 minutes of running is an investment in both their educational attainment and their physical fitness.

Coppermile Report

Daily Mile research report

For further information please visit the Daily Mile website.

The Daily Mile

If you would like support in implementing the Daily Mile into your school please contact Denise Lake.

Get involved in The Daily Mile - Challenge – free resources for primary schools

London Marathon Events will be setting six Daily Mile challenges for primary schools throughout the year to help keep children active and encourage them to participate in The Daily Mile.  

Resources for these challenges are free for all primary schools registered for The Daily Mile and will give schools everything they need to set up and run the challenge in their school, including an assembly presentation and posters for classrooms.

Islington Daily Mile Events

Daily Mile around the Emirates

On Wednesday 6 November 2019, in collaboration with Arsenal in the community ran a Daily Mile event. On the day, the warm up was provided by the Lead singer of the band Rudimental, Leon Rolle (aka DJ Locksmith). Leon led the warm up to the Rudimental song ‘Waiting All Night’. After saying a few inspirational words, team GB athlete David Weir helped to start the run, with the help of Gunnersaurus. David also took part in the Daily Mile along with the schools around the Emirates stadium.

The event was well attended, with 20 schools taking part and over 1000 children from nursery through to year 6 running! David Weir was on hand after the run to answer questions, sign his autograph and take photo with the children. It was a great event and the children had a great time.

We were really pleased to see so many children embracing the Daily Mile, mixing running, jogging and walking. Some pupils enjoyed it so much, they asked to run an extra lap and many children did run an extra lap!  I was fortunate enough to talk to some of the pupils and here are some of the things they said – “it was very fun, very tiring at the same time and fun to do with your friends “ It was very fun and I probably won’t get the chance to do that again, so I’m happy”, “The Daily Mile was really good, it took a lot of time but all we had to do was believe in ourselves to do it” “it was the best day of my life! I’ve actually never done the Daily Mile around the Arsenal Stadium” “It was very breath taking to run around the whole stadium, but everyone was there to cheer you on, so we felt confident and kept going”.

Drayton Park students do the Daily Mile around Arsenal’s pitch!

On 23 November 2019, we held a great Daily Mile event in conjunction with Arsenal in the community at the Arsenal Emirates stadium! During half time at the Arsenal V Southampton match, children from Drayton Park primary school did the Daily Mile around the pitch. The atmosphere was electric! The floodlights shone brightly, the children were beaming and the 60 thousand people crowd were clapping for them as they went around.

To cap it all off, on our way off the pitch, the Arsenal players were making their way back on and they gave the children high fives! The perfect end to an incredible experience.


Arsenal Emirates Daily Mile Offer

If you would like to take your pupils for a run around the Emirates stadium, you can! Arsenal in the Community is inviting schools to complete their ‘Daily Mile’ walk or run at Emirates Stadium on Friday afternoons. To book a slot for your school between 1.30pm – 3pm, please contact Joe Chaffey – Health Programme Coordinator on 020 7704 4666.


 The Benefits of physical activity

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