Pupil Services provides support to schools through its Access and Engagement, Admissions and Children Out of School, Special Educational Needs and Educational Psychology Services.

  • Pupil Services News

    The latest news and announcements from Pupil Services.

  • Access and Engagement Service

    The Access and Engagement Service supports schools with attendance, pupil engagement and attitudes to learning, safeguarding, children in employment or entertainment and educating children at home.

  • Admissions and Children Out of School Service

    The Admissions and Children Out of School Service supports schools with admissions and children out of school including exclusions, missing pupils and off-rolling.

  • Special Educational Needs Service

    The Special Educational Needs Service supports schools to improve outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families.

  • Educational Psychology Service

    The Educational Psychology Service works with schools to increase their capacity to meet a wider range of children's special educational needs, as well as providing advice on individual pupils and direct work with children and families.