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We have gathered a selection of ideas and websites for musical activities to do at home. We hope you enjoy these and welcome your comments, suggestions or questions about the content on this page.

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Take Five!

Here we share five free inclusive online music-making activities for children, young people and their families selected by the Music Education Islington team.

We also have a Listening Corner feature for Listen & Learn activities.

Here’s our current music and sound menu.

Listening Corner

  • The Caribbean Musical Melting Pot: The Rise and Rise of Soca

    Explore the increasing global influence of Caribbean sounds starting with soca - a blend of African and Trinidadian rhythms - in the islands of Trinidad and Barbados.

    Listen & Learn (49 mins, BBC Radio)


    📻 The Rise and Rise of Soca

  • Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire

    Celebrate the life and work of Delia Derbyshire, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer who realised Ron Grainer's theme for Doctor Who.

    Listen & Learn (56 mins, BBC Radio)

    📻 Sculptress of Sound

  • Welcome to the Arctic

    A clip from Arctic Sound Walk, an immersive, slow radio experience of hiking through the Arctic tundra.

    Listen & Learn (2 mins, BBC Radio)

    Arctic Sound Walk

  • British Music's Caribbean Roots - The Documentary

    Discover the Caribbean roots of Black British music from grime to UK garage, to drum to jungle, to gospel to lovers rock, from roots and dub to ska, to reggae and calypso.

    Listen & Learn (53mins, BBC Radio)

    British Music's Caribbean Roots

Myleene’s Music Klass

Body Percussion & Singing
Improve your listening, co-ordination and memory skills by learning a rhythmic song with Myleene Klass and her daughter – great for bodies and brains!

Notting Hill Carnival -
Musical Sounds and Genres

Learn about the sounds and music of carnival from this short BBC News clip celebrating 50 years of Carnival in 2017. Listen for soca and other Caribbean-origin music: reggae, calypso and of course, the steel pan, (or steel drum) the unique instrument originally developed on the island of Trinidad.

Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Kitchen Samba

Rob's Kitchen - Ijexa Junk Percussion
Create kitchen samba by learning a rhythm called Ijexa using easily found household objects.

Visual Piano

Dot Piano is a web browser-based visual instrument. Use your computer keyboard to play musical notes - creating colourful dots that dance across the screen.

Dot Piano

Outdoor Music & Found Sounds

Create music using things you find in the garden or park inspired by composer John Cage's Child of Tree with this resource from Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.

Garden & Park Music

Why 'Take Five'?

We've named this section Take Five after the best-selling jazz single of all time, recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet and originally released in September 1959. Composed by saxophonist, Paul Desmond, Take Five is written in the unusual time signature of 5/4 i.e. five beats to a bar.

Listen & Learn

The Story of Take Five

Short Courses

Try one of our free Music Education Islington short courses. We have posted a small selection below - perfect for home learning.

For the full menu of short online courses currently on offer, please visit our official Music Education Islington website.

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Learning to Play?


Develop your musical skills, technique and music theory knowledge with this selection of free video tips, lessons and guidance for a range of instruments and abilities.

MiSST at Home Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme

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