Here we have gathered a selection of ideas and websites for careers education activities to do while home schooling. We hope you enjoy these and we will update this page regularly, so please do check back.

Careers videos

Listen to people share their career journeys in our careers video library. We will be adding more soon!

Natasha, a Structural Engineer from Curtins shares her career journey. 


Activities of the week

STEM Pioneers activity pack

This week we have selected activities all about pioneers! Learn about three inspiring STEM pioneers and have a go at trying some starter STEM activities. 

 STEM pioneers activity pack



Previous Activities of the Week

Arctic adventures activity pack

This week we have selected activities all about Arctic Adventures! Learn about the jobs that help to save the arctic from climate change, and have a go at making a wind turbine. 

  Arctic Adventures activity pack




Movie magic activity pack

This week we have selected activities all about 'movie magic'! Learn about the jobs that go into making a film, explore visual storytelling and try your hand at being a film critic. 

  Movie magic activity pack  



Notting Hill Carnival activity pack

This week we have selected activities all about the Notting Hill Carnival. Learn about all the jobs that come together to make the carnival happen and have a go at hosting your own mini carnival!

  Notting Hill Carnival activity pack  



Ancient World activity pack

This week we have selected activities all about the ancient world. Learn about some of the jobs you can do if you are passionate about ancient history and have a go at curating your own museum! 

   Ancient World activity pack  



How can I be a historian?

This interactive BBC bitesize resource explores what skills are needed to be a historian and whether or not all resources are reliable. 

Visit page


Sport activity pack

This week we have selected activities all about sport. Learn about some of the jobs available in the sport world and try some activities from our 100 hours World of Work partner, Arsenal. 

(Recommended for ages 5 - 11) 

  Sport activity pack   



Wonder Women activity pack

This week we have selected activities all about Wonder Women! Take a look at the life and careers of some women you may have heard of, examine what gender stereotypes are and encourage children to think about the careers of wonder women in their lives.

(Recommended for ages 5 - 11)

  World of Work Wonder Women activity pack


Food activity pack

This week we are looking at jobs in the food industry, and the journey food takes to get from farms to plates. 

(Recommended for ages 5 - 11)

  World of Work food activity pack


Environment activity pack

The environment is the focus this week, with a selection of creative activities that let you explore the theme of the environment, both from inside the home and when out on walks. We also look at different job roles that protect and preserve our environment. 

(Recommended for ages 5 - 11)

World of work Environment activity pack



Dyson engineering challenges

Engineering is the focus this week, with a selection of creative activities by Dyson that you can do with materials found around the home. We also look at what an Engineer does as well as some different engineering roles.

(Recommended for ages 5 - 11)

Engineering (The James Dyson Foundation)


For more Engineering and Science activities from The James Dyson Foundation, please see their website:

The James Dyson Foundation - Challenge Cards


Step into the NHS

These activities are all about the different careers in the NHS. The activities will help children think about their own skills and interests before looking at some of the different job roles that keep our NHS up and running!

(Recommended for ages 7 - 11)

Step into the NHS

For more Step into the NHS resources, please see their website:

Step into the NHS

Partner resources

Many of our partners are developing ways for young people to stay connected with the World of Work while at home. Here are links to some of the best activities, events and resources created by our 100 hours World of Work partners.

Building Design Partnership (BDP) - What Makes a Smart City Activity Pack

  • Architects from BDP have created an activity pack around how cities are designed
  • Learn about what makes a city 'smart' and have a go at designing your own!
  • Recommended for ages 8 - 12 

BDP Activity Pack

External Resources

If you are looking for more to do around the world of work, we have collected a list of careers-focussed websites, resources and activities below.

BBC Bitesize Careers

Age group: Secondary and Sixth Form

World of work videos and resources aimed at teens. Lots of information on jobs, sectors and employability. Includes help with writing CV's, job interview skills and a jobs database

BBC Bitesize Careers

Barclays Life Skills

Age group: Secondary and Sixth Form

Interactive career and employability tools, films and webpages for students. Includes a virtual interview practice tool, CV builder and virtual work experience. Some activities require sign in.

Barclays Life Skills

Skills Builder

Age group: Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form (Age 4 - 20)

A selection of activities, resources and projects to build skills in key areas with filters for different age groups. Activities are centred around eight key skills, breaking each skill down into teachable, measurable steps.

Skills Builder

Career Pilot

Age group: Secondary and Sixth Form 

Information, resources and tools around careers, with additional home learning resources now online. 

Career Pilot

UCAS - Virtual University Tours

Age group: Secondary and Sixth Form 

UCAS have put together a list of virtual tours and videos from universities to explore what it's like on campus and what facilities are available.

University Virtual Tours


Age group: Secondary and Sixth Form

A digital careers platform with lots of home learning activities and information about a variety of jobs. You can log in to build your own profile and track your progress, or you can complete browse as a guest user.


Screen Skills

ScreenSkills is the industry-led skills body for the screen industries. They provide insight, career development and other opportunities to help grow and sustain the skilled and inclusive workforce. Their website includes masterclasses with advice about how to break into the screen industries, and a video resource about experiencing life on set from home.