Science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity. Developing children’s natural sense of excitement and curiosity in finding out about the world will help build foundations for their future science learning. As part of our summer learning newsletters we have encouraged children to take their learning outside and explore the natural environment. Home experiments are a great way to do this and STEM Learning, PSTT with Science Sparks and  Experimental from the Royal Institution will do just that. They provide a variety of experiments suitable to do at home and give all the scientific details that give meaning to the activities.

In the current climate, children may be interested in finding out more about their own bodies and those, like doctors, nurses and paramedics who help us look after them. The videos on Operation Ouch are made by 2 doctors and aimed at children who are interested in expanding their knowledge of how the human body works.


For videos on a wider range of science topics for those young children who keep asking why about everything try Scishowkids:


The videos allow you to find out about animals, the environment, fun home experiments and technology.

The Natural History Museum Website has a wealth of resources broken in to sections. There are fun activities for dinosaur fans, a selection of the things to make for the creative child, suggestions on how to capture your garden explorations and night-time adventures including meteor showers and bat hunting. 

Try this at home

Check out this exciting experiment: