The Healthy Early Years team in Islington works with all settings, including nurseries, childminders, early years in primary schools, children's centres and Bright Start Islington.

We support settings in their work on a range of health priorities, including healthy eating, oral health, immunisations, physical activity and emotional health and wellbeing.  It encourages a whole setting approach to their work, supporting and building on the EYFS and also considering health and wellbeing of children their families and staff in the setting. 

HEY news and training

Information about Healthy Early Years training, drop in events and new resources.


HEY London

Overview of the Mayor of London's Healthy Early Years award scheme and case-studies from Islington settings' gold awards.

HEY resources

Resources, useful links and contact details of health professionals to support health and wellbeing of children and families.

Families for Life early years programmes

Supporting families to 'feel good and live well' through workshops and events.

HEY contacts

For Healthy Early Years support and advice please contact one of the team.