The EY’s SEND Funding panel has migrated from a manual application process to an electronic application system in order to protect sensitive data through information sharing. The panel will no longer be able to accept paper applications. All applications for SEND Funding must now be submitted using the online forms below.

All Maintained, Private, Voluntary and Independent Early Years settings can apply for funding to support work with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who meet the criteria of severe and complex need.

To be eligible for funding, the child must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Assessment for an EHCP has been agreed or is already under way
  • A significant level of sensory impairment (i.e. registered as severely sight impaired; significant level of sensorineural hearing impairment)
  • Known to the Early Years Development Team (EYDT) or the Social Communication Team (SCT)
  • Known to the Disabled Children’s Team
  • A significant level of social and emotional need (identified through the Early Years Priority Referral Team (EYPRT)

Rate of funding

  • The SEND funding panel funds a maximum of £12 per hour for all new requests. This amount has been agreed by the Early Years’ service for 2017-18 and will be reviewed annually in light of inflation
  • Providers are expected to top up the allocated funding if necessary. Previously, varying hourly rates have been paid but this has now been standardised to give greater equity between settings
  • Funding is paid for term time only at the agreed number of weeks per term
  • Funding can only be paid for children under age 5 up to Nursery class only
  • If children are transitioning to school, five-hours funding at the agreed hourly rate can be granted to support transition.

Monitoring of funding

  • Funding must be applied for each term, with details of support in place and the child’s progress to date
  • The Monitoring Form has now been merged into Form 2 (repeat request)
  • The Area SENCO team will visit or make contact with settings and liaise with health professionals involved with the child each term to assess progress and the use of funding.


  • The online system will not allow you to submit your application after the deadline date
  • After the panel date, it is a two-week window before your outcome letter is recieved by email and a further week before payment is authorised. This is the agreed 3 week process   

The SEND panel dates have been set in line with the headcount date as follows:


  • Summer Term 2018
  • Autumn Term 2018
  • Spring Term 2019

Application deadline

  • 13 April 2018
  • 14 September 2018
  • 14 December 2018

Panel Date

  • 2 May 2018
  • 3 October 2018
  • 16 January 2019

Funding Allocation

The SEND Funding panel allocates funding over 38 weeks across the year, for 2018 -19

How to Apply

Please note: Before starting your application, please ensure you have all the information you need about the child i.e number of days the child attends, supporting documents including consent from the  parent or carer. You will be required to upload relevent documents i.e Short Term Plan, recent reports. The decision making process is heavily weighted on the evidence recieved as part of the application.  You are able to save and return to an application later, but you will not be able to start a new application until the first application has been completed in full and submitted.

***All application forms for the Summer Term Panel will open on 5 March 2018***

New funding request

To apply for funding, please complete the online application Form 1:

Form 1 - New Funding Request

Repeat funding request

To apply for repeat funding, please complete the online application Form 2, which also includes the mandatory monitoring form:

Form 2 - Repeat Funding Request

Equipment request

If you are making a request for specialist disability equipment please complete Form 3.

Form 3 - Equipment Request

Once we receive you request, you application will be assessed by the panel. All panel decisions are mutually agreed by panel members and there are no guarantees that you will receive the level of funding requested.

More information on the Early Years SEN Funding Panel:

Early Years SEN Funding Panel


Where an application for SEND funding has been declined at panel, the outcome and reasons why will be detailed in the outcome letter. Settings are given the opportunity to respond to the panel's decision and resubmit their SEND funding application within the agreed timescale. If you are considering making an appeal, please submit your online appeal by the 23 May 2018. Any appeals recieved after this deadline date will not be considered as the system for the summer term panel will be closed.

Appeals in the Summer Term will be migrating over to an online system to provide greater transparently and equity for all appeal requests

Email Pauline Foster

If you have any queries about the SEND funding application process, please contact Early Years Admin 

Emai EYAdmin

For technical support please contact CSonline

Email CSonline