If you are a good quality early years provider and would like to offer places under the Free Early Learning for 2-year-olds scheme, please contact the Early Years and Childcare Service on 020 7527 5932.

Eligible 2-year-olds should access their free early learning entitlement in a provision that is judged by Ofsted to be at least 'good'. Support for quality improvement and Ofsted registration and inspection is available through the Early Years and Childcare Service.

Providers are required to adhere to the requirements in the Early Education and Childcare Agreement available from 'Attachments'.

Revenue funding

Group settings can receive £6 per child per hour, plus a 92p supplement for Quality and Continuity. 

Childminders can receive £6.83 per child (£6 plus 83p small setting supplement). Providers must ensure parental declaration forms are completed in full for all children aged 2, 3 and 4 accessing the free early education entitlement. This can be found in the attachments below.

Contact the Early Years and Childcare Service for more information.

More information about free early education for 2-year-olds can be found on the Islington website.

Free Early Education for 2-year-olds