The assessment to see whether a child may require an Education, Health and Care Plan is sometimes called a 'single assessment' but this can be misleading. It is actually a coordinated assessment and brings together all existing relevant information about a child. If further assessments are required, the ‘Keyworker’ from the SEN Team assigned to the family will arrange for them to happen. 

The assessment process takes a maximum of 20 weeks but could be less if no further assessments are required and all the necessary information has been received.

Please visit the Islington SEND Local Offer direcotry for further information and downloads on the assessment process for an EHCP.

If you are a private, voluntary or independant setting and require the involvement from the Educational Psychology Service to initiate the Education Health and Care single assessment, you are required to complete the CF1 (setting) CF2 (parent) request forms found below.   

SEND Local Offer