Annual Service Package (ASP) for Childminders

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses 

(01 September 2020 and 31 August 2021)

Childminders as home-based providers can buy an Annual Service package (ASP) of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training or can buy courses on an individual basis. The package will include the statutory training and the 2 bespoke SEND training courses. You can order the ASP package in September, or any other time throughout the year, as needed. 

See below for details on cost and how to request a package. For any queries, please contact Valbona Aliaj on 0207 527 5899, or email

  • CPD ASP Package 2020-21 for Childminders

    • You can purchase an annual CPD package at any point during the year, but you must complete all your training sessions by 31 August 2021. If assistants are also employed in your setting, they will be charged separately.

      • £153 per Childminder - Option 1 (3 EY courses only)
      • £224 per Childminder - Option 2 (Unlimited EY Training, including Statutory training and the 2 Bespoke SEN Insets)
      • £92 per Assistant - Option 1 (3 EY courses only)
      • £163 per Assistant - Option 2 (Unlimited EY Training, including Statutory training and the 2 Bespoke SEN Insets)
  • Childminders Pre-Registration Course

    • Childminding Pre-Registration Course - Free of charge as funded by the Adult Community Learning

      This course IS NOT part of the Annual Service Package (ASP) for Childminders, and you will be invoiced separately.

CPD Training without an Annual Service Package

Statutory Training

Statutory training costs, if no Childminder ASP Package is requested:

  • £73 - First Aid 2-day course
  • £44 - Safeguarding and Child Protection Update
  • Health & Safety and Food Hygiene Online Courses will be provided by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA).
    Please visit for more details. 
    Please note it is essential that every learner is registered with their own user name.
  • Any CPD Training without a package

    If you choose not to buy the Childminder ASP Package, daily charges will apply to any CPD courses from 1 September 2020. Unless otherwise specified, the following charges will apply:

    • Twilight at £26 per person
    • ½ day EY training at £44 per person
    • 1-day EY training at £88 per person
    • 2-day EY training at £126 per person
    • Non-attendance (without cancellation) at £50 per person

How to Pay

For the Annual Service Package for Childminders you will receive an invoice for payment after we have received your completed order form. For any individual CPD courses, you will receive an invoice after you have completed the course.

Payment will be made on receipt of an invoice. You can then pay the invoice as per below:

Non-attendance of a course, without cancellation three or more days before, will result in a charge of £50.

Courses offered free of charge

The following types of training will continue to be free of charge and available according to usual capacity restrictions:

  • Briefings about new government initiatives
  • Termly childminder forums