Schools can now validate the 30 hours eligibility codes through the Islington Provider Portal.


Schools and Early Years providers - including childminders - can now use the Provider Portal to validate the 30 hours free childcare eligibility codes. The Provider Portal gives an instant response when validating codes including the date the parent received a code from HMRC (eligibility start date), the date the eligibility has to be re-confirmed (eligibility end date) and the grace period end date.

Children may only access the 30-hours free childcare the term after their third birthday, therefore it is essential that providers ensure that the child is at the eligible age and has a valid 30 hours free childcare code.

Please refer to the attached guidance notes for further information.

30 Hour - Provider Portal User Guide - July 2017

You will still need the parental written consent to use their personal detail. You can use the same form you used for interim codes validation and keep it for your records; there is no need to send it to Free School Meals Team. Please note that the Free School Meals team will no longer accept validation requests beyond the end of term.

If your school has yet to request a login to be set-up for the new system, it is essential that the relevant form is completed by no later than Tuesday 18th July.

Children’s Services Portal Access Application Form


Debbie Stevenson

Deputy Head of Finance