Parents are required to confirm that they remain eligible for 30-hours free childcare every three months. Please speak to parents at your setting to remind them of this requirement.

If a parent’s details have not changed, they only need to tick a box in their childcare service account to confirm their details remain the same. Parents should receive two reminders to re-confirm at four weeks and two weeks before their reconfirmation deadline.

Missing the deadline

If a parent misses the reconfirmation deadline, they will receive a message telling them that they are no longer eligible for 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare. When the parent’s code is validated it will show that they are in their grace period and the child will be able to continue to access their 30 hours place until the end of the autumn term. To take up a place in January, parents will need to reconfirm. They can do this through their childcare service account, even if they have missed their reconfirmation deadline.

Temporary codes

The small number of temporary codes that have been issued (beginning with ‘11’) will expire approximately three months after they were issued. These parents have been advised by the childcare service helpline that they will need to complete the full online application on the childcare service to continue to access a 30 hours’ place and to apply for Tax-Free Childcare.

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If you have any questions about 30-hours free childcare, please contact Magda Balicka Early Childhood Policy and 30 Hours Development Manager on 020 7527 6101.

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