Meet other childminders

Childminder stay-and-play sessions at local children’s centres offer opportunities to meet other childminders. They are supported by a qualified practitioner who can help you when you start working. Childminders can get resources from libraries and toy libraries and some free short workshops are organised at childminder stay and play sessions.

Register of Good Practice

It’s a good idea to visit an early years or a childminder setting who is on the Register of Good Practice to find out about a particular area of expertise, such as informative and family-friendly profile books. Islington childminders are invited to attend termly forum meetings for regular updates, opportunities for networking and to share good practice.

Register of Good Practice

Quality Assurance Scheme

Islington childminders can benefit from the Quality Assurance Scheme called ‘Flexi Network’. All childminders are members of the ‘Flexi Network’ and are supported and monitored by the childminding coordinators. Childminders work towards 10 quality standards which cover all aspects of childminding from keeping children safe to working with families.

Childminders who meet these standards are quality assured and therefore show commitment to offering the best possible childcare service. This is because they continue to develop their services and evaluate what they are providing for children through regular training and support. They also show a strong commitment to work in partnership with parents and their local children’s centre.

Promoting childminding as a childcare option and advertising 

Islington Family Information Service, FIS, is a telephone and web-based information and advice service. Parents, carers and practitioners use the Islington online directory to find childminders or download the childminder vacancy list. 

Islington childminders can advertise their services with the FIS including current and future vacancies. Speed minding sessions are organised by the FIS at local children’s centres where parents can meet childminders at an informal stay and play session. Parents can also visit regular childminder stay and play sessions at children’s centres to meet local childminders.

Islington Directory

SEND Support in the Early Years

What to do if you think a child may have special educational needs

If you think a child in your care has special educational needs, you may want to speak to the Islington Early Years Area SENCO Team for information, guidance and support regarding planning your next steps. For details of how to contact the team see the 'Triage Referral Process' page and for key documents see 'SEND Support in the Early Years'. To find out what funding is available to support all Early Years practitioners - including childminders - to meet the needs of children with SEND in your care, see 'EY SEND Funding'.

Triage Referral Process

SEND Support in the Early Years

EY SEND Funding