All early years settings, schools and colleges are requested to return their completed audit tool, action plan and annual safeguarding report by Monday, 5 February 2018. Your responses will inform our annual safeguarding report to the ISCB Education Sub-Group and ISCB Quality Assurance Sub-Group.

All completed documents should be returned to EY admin:

Email EY admin

All relevant documents can be downloaded:

Section 11 Self-Assessment Tool

ISCB Section 11 guidance: early years settings/schools/colleges - October 2017

Annual Safeguarding Report template for early years settings, schools and colleges.

The s11 audit will be discussed at both the Education and EY DSL Forums this term but if you require further information or support please contact Michelle Virdi, Principal Officer - Safeguarding in Education on 020 7527 5595, or Gwen Fitzpatrick, Lead for Bright Start and Safeguarding on 020 7527 5629.