Food provision across the day

The resources below will help early years professionals to plan healthy meals for children in their care. The information reflects the government's dietary recommendations for children under 5 years. It helps to early years settings to meet the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) welfare requirements to provide 'healthy, balanced and nutritious' food and drink for children in their care.

Regular training is provided to support EY professionals to develop healthy, balanced and nutritious menus for their settings. Book your place through the training channel:

Finding a course

For further support and advice or staff training at your setting, please contact Marjon Willers:

Email Marjon Willers.

Allergies and food statement

Allergic reactions to food substances can range from mild to life-threatening. Please find information below to help staff in Early Years settings prepare for such situations.


Useful links

Eatwell GuideThe Eatwell Guide shows the proportions in which different types of foods are needed to have a well-balanced and healthy diet for everyone over the age of 5 years.

MECC: Signposting to local services and online support 

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