Immunisation is the safest way to protect children from serious diseases. Available below are facts and figures about childhood vaccinations in Islington, as well as a guide for parents and a handy printable timetable, allowing you to keep track of children's vaccination schedule.

For settings

Immunisation statement (template)
Childhood Immunisations fact sheet
                                    Vaccination planner poster


For parents/carers 
A guide to vaccinations for parents


Useful links

NHS Choices - Offers information and advice on vaccines, schedules and information about the different vaccines; how they work, ingredients, risks and myths


Islington contacts

GP practice

To have your child vaccinated, speak to your GP practice

Health Visitor

For specific advice or more information about immunisations, please contact your health visitor

Email Christine Ogundele

Immunisation Specialist Nurse

Telephone: 020 3316 8426