Useful resources including links for parents - before and after baby's arrival - to download and display in your setting:

The following booklet outlines lots of healthy habits for mum and baby, including top tips and helpful advice on pregnancy, food, exercise, supplements, development, smoking and alcohol.

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Breast and bottle feeding

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The best start for babies is to feed them on breast milk alone for the first 6 months and to continue after that until the baby is at least one year old and preferably beyond. Below is information and resources about breastfeeding, including the benefits, tips and advice.  

If a baby is bottle fed, it is important to know which formula to choose, how to prepare a bottle safely and how to responsively feed a baby and pace the feed. First infant formula is the only type of infant formula a baby needs up to 12 months. Once a baby is over a year, they will no longer need formula milk as they will get all their nutrients and energy from food and full fat cow's milk.

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