Sleep is vital for growth, maintaining a healthy weight, fighting sickness, and reducing injury risk. Good sleep habits can be introduced from 3-6 months old.

Please find information and recommendation below on the importance of sleep for babies and young children aswell as co-sleeping and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Unicef baby friendly sleep resourses:

Below are some Islington leaflets on encouraging good bedtime habits -

Useful links - Infant sleep information source; presents research evidence about biologically normal sleep for human babies

Lulaby Trust - Useful information and leaflets for professionals on safe sleeping for babies

Tired Out For Disabled Children - Tired Out is Family Fund’s new sleep support hub which aims to help parents and carers of disabled children to sleep better. It pulls sleep information and resources together in one place. This includes information about support available to families in their local area, useful sleep tips and a wide range of research, resources and stories from families themselves.

NHS Choices - tips, advice and resources on childhood tiredness, sleep problems and routines for children over the age of one.


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