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Families for life is a healthy lifestyle programme to support families with children aged 2 – 11 years to be active and have a healthy lifestyle. The programme supports parents to gain the skills and knowledge they need to help their children (and wider family) live active, healthy lives. This programme is funded by Public Health and therefore is free to Islington schools and settings.

Families for Life provides a great opportunity to extend work with parents, focussing on supporting families to ‘feel good and live well’.

Families for Life programmes include:

Delivery options for a Families for Life programme

  • Run the programme in house with 2 staff members (these staff need to have been trained or attend Families for Life training,). Direct funding for schools is available for this option
  • Run the programme with one member of staff from school supported by one of our health improvement officers (school staff need to have been trained or attend Families for Life training).

For central training visit the training channel on IslingtonCS.

The sessions are carefully planned to be engaging as well as fun to support families’ healthy lifestyles and include cooking and eating tasty meals together, learning about healthy eating and playing active games.

Schools can get involved by:

  • Deciding on the progamme that best fits the needs of the families
  • Targeting 6 – 8 families to take part
  • Having one or two members staff who could deliver the programme and attend Families for Life training if applicable
  • Having adequate facilities and cooking equipment to deliver the programme
  • Completing and returning a Families for Life application

The Families for Life brochure has further details and a checklist on what you need  to run a programme in  your school in terms  of staffing, training, resources and facilities

Angela Moodie and Marjon Willers provide support for schools and settings. They are available to talk through your needs to identify the best programme to meet your requirements and answer any queries you have.

Marjon is also able to train school staff in identification, support and referral of children and families where there is a concern about weight. For more information see also the school guidance on identifying, supporting and referring families where there is a concern about weigth.

To apply to run one of the programmes, please complete an application form.

Each term and during the summer holiday, community programmes will be running at community venues across Islington.

To promote Families for Life community programmes in your school contact Marjon for flyers and refer to the Islington Directory for the most up-to-date programme information. Please contact a member of our team below, if you have any questions about the Families for Life programmes.

Marjon Willers

Specialist Dietitian for Schools and Early Years.

  • Health and wellbeing reviews, Healthy Schools London Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Healthy Early Years
  • Advice and guidance on supporting pupils where there are concerns about their weight, including on Families for Life
  • Support for development of food policy and consultation
  • Support to implement the statutory standards for school food and voluntary food and drink guidelines for early years and promote a healthy eating environment
  • Training for lunchtime supervisors and breakfast club coordinators
  • Support for schools around creating a safe and healthy environment for children with food allergies and diabetes
  • Advice on water provision and dining room environment, including dining room observations
  • Packed lunch advice, audit and policy


Suad Ahmed

Health Improvement Officer - EY

Mental Health, Smoking, Substance Misuse, Immunisations and Teengage pregnancy
  • Healthy Early Years
  • Advice, guidance, training and signposting for early years staff on:
    • mental health
    • smoking cessation and smoke free homes
    • alcohol and substance misuse
    • immunisations
    • Teenage pregnancy
  • Advice on how to raise health issues with parents for multi agency teams and individual staff

0207 527 5552