Most childminder training is found on the Early Years training channel. To access the training channel, select 'Training' from the main menu:


Then select 'Early Years Training':

You will be asked to log in with your IslingtonCS account if you aren't already logged in.

How to log in

How to create an account

Finding a Course

You can search for courses by category, date, keyword or course code.


By Category

You can search for courses by category - all childminding training is in its own category.


By Date

Search by date using the mini-calendar

Search events

By Keyword

Search for a specific event by keyword, event type or target audience from 'Search events

By course code

Enter the course code in the keyword box in Search events. All EYCPD training courses begin with the code "EYCPD" followed by the year and unique reference number, e.g. "EYCPD/17/123".

Viewing from a mobile?

Mobile view

Click the 'hamburger' (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the screen to expand the menu.

Once you have selected your training channel, click the hamburger menu again to see the full list of training menu options, including 'My Profile and Bookings' and 'Search Events'.


My Course isn't showing

If the course you are looking for doesn't appear, please check that it is still open to bookings or hasn't been cancelled. All courses will close three working days before it is due to take place - you must apply before then.

If you can't find the course you are looking for, check your training level.

Some courses are restricted to certain staff members depending on their level of contact with children.

You can review your training level from 'edit profile' in My Profile and Bookings.

Edit profile

Request a Place

When you have found a course you're interested click ‘request a place’ to begin the booking process.

request a place

If you work for a childminder, your establishment line manager will need to approve your request before it is then sent to the Early Years and Childcare team for approval. This step is skipped if you are a childminder or don't have any other staff in your setting.

You will receive an email from the course organiser once your place has been confirmed.

You can check the status of your booking in ‘My Profile and Bookings’ on IslingtonCS.

ISCB Training

ISCB Training is booked in the same way but through the Islington Safeguarding Training Channel.

After selecting 'Training' from the main menu bar, select 'Islington Safeguarding Training'. You need to be logged in to browse Safeguarding courses.

ISCB courses are restricted according to training level. Childminders should only book ISCB Level Two Safeguarding Training after they have completed the Level One Early Years Safeguarding Training. Once you have completed level one training, you will need to change your training level to level two. You will not be able to see any ISCB Training courses until you update your training level.

To update your training level, go to My Profile and Bookings and click 'edit profile':

Next to 'training level' select 'group 2'.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit. Now try searching for a course again.

For further information, check the EYCPD Training page:

EYCPD Training