When you have found a course you are interested in, click 'Request a place' to begin the approval process.

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You will need to confirm your account details before submitting your request. 

Your request must then be approved by your line manager before it is then reviewed by the course organiser.

If you haven't already completed our equalities monitoring form, you must do this before you can request a place on a course.

You will be informed by email once your request has been reviewed. Any other communication about the course will be sent by email, so please ensure your email address is up to date.

Requesting training on behalf of a colleague 

Line Managers are able to request training on behalf of their colleagues from the same form.

When line managers request a place, their request won't require line manager approval.

Requesting training on behalf of a colleague.

My Profile and Bookings

You can review and cancel all of your pending event requests and review your historical training record in My Profile and Bookings.

If any of the courses you attended included a certificate, you can download these from Events Attended after you have completed the course evaluation. You can also update your contact details, your training level and manage your course alerts.

My Profile and Bookings