From September (in line with government guidance) there will be an element of change in relation to visiting settings and carrying out observation to support referrals into our service however we are still running a full triage service and will continue to arrange virtual (Microsoft teams) feedback meetings. As part of our triage referal process the summative observation record will substantiate your concerns and the childs level of need but in some cases we may request a short 10min snap shot observation to share with us on the day of meeting with the parents in line with GDPR requirements.  

The triage process is now an essential function of the Area SENCO Team and should be viewed as the first point of contact when seeking information, guidance and support in the pre-referral stage.

The triage process encompasses three phases linked to the SEN graduated approach of (Assess, Plan, Do, Review) with a timescale of two weeks per phase. This will ensure a timely triage is conducted for all children before they enter the Area SENCO Team for support.

An initial telephone conversation will determine the degree of concern, the process should take no longer than 30mins (Assess phase). The next stage of the process is where the link to the online referral form is released alongside the summative observation record, which will need to be completed in-depth and returned (Plan phase).

When a child is accepted on to the Area SENCO Team caseload your link Area SENCO will arrange a visit to your setting to carry out an observation and meet with the child’s parents to support the planning of next steps as part of the Team Around the Child (TAC) this is considered the (Do phase).

The Area SENCO Team “Triage Line” operates on Mondays from 9 - 12pm and Fridays from 1 - 4pm during term time, there is reduced service during the holiday periods. It is a very busy line so please do leave a message if you encounter the answer machine and we will return your call. Tel: 020 7527 5529