The Triage process is now an essential function of the Area SENCO team and should be viewed as the first interaction between an Area SENCO and early years practitioners when seeking information, guidance and support in the pre-referral stage.

The triage process encompasses three phases with a timescale of two weeks per phase. This will ensure a timely triage is conducted for all children before they enter the Area SENCO Team for support. The initial triage contact is a telephone conversation and the process should take no longer than 30mins.

The process of triage involves the application of an in-depth conversation to determine the degree of concern so that next steps can be agreed and actioned accordingly. It is for this reason that the triage process can be carried out by any member of the Area SENCO Team, not necessarily your settings link Area SENCO.

The Area SENCO team “Triage Line” is 020 7527 5529 from 9am until 12pm on Mondays, and from 1pm until 4pm on Fridays term time with a reduced service during the holiday periods.