After your account has been approved and you can successfully log in, you may need to update your contact details, job role, or establishment.

From 'edit profile' in My Profile and Bookings you can make a series of changes to your personal details, including:

  • Your name
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Your email address

Updating your training level

Your training level determines the types of courses you can view and book onto; this is particularly important for ISCB Training courses. For example, only users with training level two or above are able to see Group Two Safeguarding training. There is a short description of the audience for each level so that you can select the group most applicable to you.

Managing Course Alerts

IslingtonCS can inform you of new courses when they become available. This is called 'course alerts' and you were asked to subscribe to these when you registered. Course alerts are sorted by category, event type, and target audience. You manage these alerts from My Profile and Bookings. If you no longer wish to receive any emails, untick 'Activate event alerts by email'.

Updating your job role

Content on the schools and early years channels on IslingtonCS is restricted by your job role and the establishment you belong to. In some cases, you may need to update your job role - for example, from a 'prospective childminder' to a 'childminder' or from 'Teacher' to 'Teacher - Subject Coordinator'.

In 'edit profile' change your job role from the drop-down list. Please note that the list of job roles is limited in order to control access and these may not match your actual job role: please chose the role that most closely matches yours.

Updating your establishment

You may change your place of work, for example you may move to another school or early years' setting. To ensure your account remains up-to-date and your training requests go to the line manager at the new establishment, you can change your establishment in edit profile.

Select the establishment from the appropriate service and once you have found your new place of work, click 'submit' at the bottom of the form. Your account will then go for approval to the new establishment line manager, and you won't be able to log back in until this has approved.

You will also need to contact us to remove your old establishment from your profile.

Email CSonline

My Profile and Bookings

You can go directly to My Profile and Bookings for each training channel by clicking the relevant link below:



Early Years and Childcare

Safeguarding and Family Support