This programme is part of the Families for Life offer for early years settings which also includes Families for Life Family Kitchen Early Years.

The programme was developed from the Small Steps for Big Change resources to provide early years settings an off the shelf programme to run with parents and children together. The programme is for targeted families, either as a preventative or where issues are already apparent. Inclusion for families include: Families on low income or in receipt of benefits, teenage parent, where there is concern about weight (overweight or underweight), children with fussy eating issues, families with unhealthy lifestyle habits. 

The programme is 5 weeks long and requires to be delivered by 2 members of staff. Each session is an hour and a half long except possibly the last two which involves taking a trip out to the shops (week 4) and going for a picnic in the park (week 5).

This guide includes the digital version of all the resources and information required to run the sessions. Islington health and wellbeing team will fund the early years setting £160 to cover the costs of items, such as food, to run the workshops as well as any items to give to parents at the end of the session such as a book and the printing costs for leaflets.
When planning to run a programme please complete the Families for Life Programme application form.


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Families for Life Small Steps resource pack