An asset management service which supports your school to meet your statutory obligations and to develop and implement asset management plans.

Islington Partners

Our services include:

  • Developing and maintaining your school’s asset management plan, ensuring investment is prioritised

  • Providing up-to-date information, guidance and support to ensure that school facilities are safe

  • Auditing and advising schools to ensure that school facilities are compliant and up-to-date with their statutory testing obligations

  • Providing advice and support to schools when they undertake capital works or statutory testing

  • Commissioning and reviewing the following school surveys and services:

  1. Stock Condition Report
  2. Legionella Risk Assessment
  3. Water Monitoring Service
  4. Fire Risk Assessment
  5. Display Energy Certificates
  • Working with the Health and Safety team to provide advice (as required)

In addition to the core Asset Management Service, the following additional enhanced services will be made available from July:

  • Gas Boiler Servicing & Certified Safety checks
  • Gas Appliances & Distribution Test, Inspection & Certified Safety checks
  • Electrical Fixed Wire Testing & Inspection
  • Emergency Light Testing & Inspection
  • Fire alarm Testing & Inspection

For more information on the additional services please register your interest by13th March and we will prepare a cost plan for your school for any of the above additional services for you to consider. If you wish to register your interest to be a pilot school, please get in touch.


How we will deliver it

  • Telephone and email support (Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm)
  • An annual on-site visit to review survey information and to provide advice on asset management issues plus other visits if required during the year.
  • An annual audit of compliance with statutory testing requirements
  • Online asset management database and associated training, including updated floor plans (as required from time to time).
  • Up-to-date information and guidance through asset management bulletins and the premise managers’ forum.

Service Contact: Tom Louvre
T: 020 7527 5540


Benefits of choosing us

  • Advice and guidance provided for your school site issues
  • Support delivered by a team with good knowledge of your school site
  • To support your school to be a safe and compliant learning environment
  • 24 hour access to online asset management database