The Occupational health and safety service is committed to providing the best possible service to you at the lowest possible costs and in doing so, help your schools provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, children, and young people. Islington strongly believes that risk management should be about practical steps to protect people from real harm and suffering. We will help you to achieve this and meet your statutory responsibilities.

Islington Partners

Our services include

  • Access to competent health and safety professionals experienced in working within the education sector, with access to and support from a wider team of professionals with a diverse range of health and safety expertise
  • Assistance in formulating a health and safety strategy, safety management system and improvement plan
  • Providing advice and guidance to school senior management and governors on health, safety and welfare where the Local Authority has the legal duty to do so on related health and safety topics /issues
  • Evaluate compliance through a supportive assurance programme. (Schools not within the Service Level agreement will be audited via an annual self-audit system to ensure statutory compliance and must provide evidence of competency for their legally deemed competent person)
  • Provide accredited training in key health and safety topics at a competitive price and for school sourced training, advice on the selection of appropriate and competent training providers.
  • Provide facilities for on-line reporting and off-site visits and where required notify HSE of relevant serious incidents
  • Act as the corporate link/liaison with enforcement bodies
  • Provide, where required, professional support during legal processes
  • Produce and update model health and safety arrangements and procedures in line with legislative requirements
  • Provide advice and guidance on request, including reasonable attendance at meetings of school managers and governors
  • Provide advice with regards to Asbestos management
  • Access to the council’s compliance database to ensure compliance with regard to Premises management
  • Access to Radiation protection officers to assist with advice and guidance on the management of radiation.

Service Contact: Gino Di Franco
T: 020 7527 2767


Benefits of choosing us

  • Access to professional, competent advice, not enforcement. Where all advisors are members of a recognised professional body and maintain membership via a 3 year CPD cycle.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety legislation with regular monitoring and reviewing of individual school performance.
  • Provide advice and guidance to school senior management and governors on health, safety and welfare and evaluating compliance through a supportive assurance programme
  • Accessible service to enable head teachers to have confidence that their schools are legally compliant and safe for pupils, teachers, contractors and visitors.
  • Access to CLEAPSS design and technology support and EVOLVE off site database and reporting system.