Our unique service gives you access to an outstanding collection of resources that will stimulate and excite your children and teachers. We have an incredible range and volume of books, artefacts, costumes, historical newspapers, posters, maps, story props and professional resources to support our schools. We offer a cost-effective way of providing your school with resources to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. In addition, the Islington Reading Road map for Years 5 & 6 will support the development of a reading culture throughout your school and will help raise the literacy levels of your students.

Islington Partners

Service Contact: John Calcott
T: 020 7527 5827


Our services include

  • A resource box of books and artefacts for each teacher to support topics being studied across each half-term
  • Costumes to help bring the past to life and learn about other cultures
  • Story props to help develop narrative skills and confidence through performance
  • The Reading Road Map
  • Access to our collection of books to support Ofsted’s “Reading for Pleasure” recommendations
  • Additional resource boxes for classroom observations, Ofsted inspections and special displays - all delivered the following day
  • Additional resources to support end of term school productions, World Book Day and/or school assemblies
  • An eBook platform to engage children in reading through electronic devices
  • A half day advisory session on maintaining and developing your school library and/or your classroom book areas
  • A 25% discount on new books purchased for your school through our agreement with Peters bookshop

All of the resources provided are researched and selected by our professional staff freeing up teacher time.

You also get to participate in the Islington Reading Road Map for Years 5 & 6, which helps to develop and encourage a reading culture across our schools and helped "to raise SATs results in many of our schools last year, engaged reluctant readers and challenged our more able readers” (feedback from 2 Deputy Head Teachers and a Literacy Lead at our Launch this year).

How we will deliver the service

  • Resources will be delivered/collected half termly, although we can now offer ad hoc deliveries/collections every day of the year
  • Topic box deliveries in school holidays subject to access, to ensure that teachers have their resources available to set up displays in their classrooms and to have time to plan lessons within the context of the resources they have received
  • Attendance at INSET, staff meetings and other training, either in your school or here at ELS
  • A termly newsletter and Social Media provide information on new resources, training and new developments
  • Termly Primary Librarian network meetings, providing information and support to your designated library staff

Benefits of choosing us

  • An extremely cost effective and value for money service – a 1 form entry school will receive £31,000 worth of resources per year if each teacher borrows the resources they are entitled to; £62,000 for a 2 form entry school
  • Our resources help to engage and inspire children
  • We provide high quality resources that reflect our multicultural community
  • The Islington Reading Road Map supports teachers and parents in recommending new authors and titles to children and helps to introduce new genres into their reading
  • Our experienced staff source stock from a range of specialist suppliers and new resources include info sheets to help teachers get the most from the resources contained within their topic boxes

What our customers say

"My Library box is always amazing"
- Teacher from St Joan of Arc school

" The Islington Reading Road Map had a significant impact in raising our results last year"
- Literacy Lead – Ambler School

"Boxes safely received! I had a look through and they look fab. Absolutely love the Harry Potter things you put in and the Roman artefacts are brill. Good variety of rocks and volcanoes too."
- Teacher – Clerkenwell School