The Islington Energy Services Team provides a full range of energy management services, to enable your school to understand its energy, costs and legal compliance. We will work with you to reduce both while simultaneously helping to improve user comfort levels. Our services have expanded in 2018/19 and we are able to provide a wide range of services including: comprehensive energy audits (to ISO50002 standard) and Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s). We are also able to support with funding applications on an individual school or group basis.

Islington Partners

Service Contact: Graeme Low
T: 020 7527 2554


Our services include the following items as part of our standard package:

  • An annual energy monitoring visit conducted by a dedicated Energy Officer, identifying where energy is being wasted.
  • A written report detailing recommendations for reducing energy use and energy costs, including cost and payback analysis.
  • On-going monitoring of your energy use and benchmarking to proactively identify energy waste.
  • Obtaining the lowest prices from a panel of vetted suppliers.
  • Assisting with gas and electricity account management and resolving invoice disputes.
  • Support for Premises Manager in resolving issues with heating and ventilation controls.

We are also able to offer the following services as required:

  • Display Energy Certificates; including advisory report (where necessary) for schools and associated buildings with public access and floor areas >250m2.
  • Comprehensive Energy Audits (to ISO50002 standards) covering all areas of the school, including electricity,gas, water (where data is provided) and CO2 benchmarking, building fabric, compliance, ventilation, Renewables, heating, lighting, small power consumption, ICT and building management system controls.
  • Support on identifying water wastage and reclaiming any costs associated with water leaks.
  • Support and advice on the tendering of your water supply.
  • Talks and presentations to classes on subjects such as: renewables; energy use and future energy systems.
  • Condensation and heating surveys.
  • Thermographic surveys.
  • Sustainability Audits (to ISO14001 standard) covering: general sustainability; waste; biodiversity; legal compliance and travel planning etc.
  • Funding identification and support with technical details for applications.
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies.

Benefits of choosing us

  • Our proactive approach gets you the lowest energy prices, saving you time and money.
  • Our annual monitoring visit helps you reduce your bills even further.
  • We provide expert assistance in resolving any energy invoice disputes.
  • We can help you prepare applications for external funding for energy-saving measures.
  • We also offer additional services such as heating, condensation and thermographic surveys tailored to your requirements.

What our customers say

"The Energy services team has provided the energy monitoring and targeting services to us for a number of years and we have found them very professional, knowledgable and efficient with the service they provide. They have also been very helpful with the feedback and assistance they provide to us."

Duncombe Primary School