Providing a crucial link to the wider local authority, this core strategic service will provide support on the full range of governance matters from a national and Islington perspective.

Schools HR Services

Contact: Alan Grant
T: 020 7527 5677


Governor Package includes:

  • Provision of process charts for clerking responsibilities, exclusions etc. identifying who does what and when.
  • Liaison with diocesan boards and other appointing bodies as appropriate
  • Liaison with legal services on the provision of instruments of government
  • To provide a service that works alongside schools and governing boards to promote school improvement through effective, strategic governance.
  • Guidance on the statutory requirements of governance
  • Ofsted and audit expectations and how to meet them
  • Confidentiality in relation to pupil and staff issues
  • Policies and provide models of examples of good practice
  • The governing board’s core strategic functions
  • Recruitment of new governors
  • Coordination of termly briefing meetings for governors
  • Advising head teachers and governors on dealing with parental complaints including provision of template letters as appropriate.

A recruiting and coordinating function of the clerking service (where purchased in addition to this service) to ensure quality and consistency of provision, this will include:

  • Induction and initial training of new clerks
  • Monitoring of clerking service performance
  • Regular briefings and updates to ensure that clerks remain up to date on changes to legislation, national and local developments; e.g. highlighting GB challenge where appropriate.

Clerking Support Service

This service is available when purchased with the Governor Advisory Service and will provide the following:

  • A dedicated clerk to support and advise your governing board
  • Preparation, minuting and support for governing board meetings this financial year
  • Support for the Chair and Head with preparation of agendas and papers.
  • Co-ordination of the distribution of electronic despatch
  • Clerk attendance at full governing board and/or committee meetings (as per the package selected) and draft minutes produced within 14 calendar days maximum.
  • Electronic despatch of minutes that reflect best practice and take into account the requirements of Ofsted and Audit
  • Providing an ‘Immediate/urgent’ Action list as appropriate
  • Accurate records of governing board membership, terms of reference of committees, prompting completion of the register of business interests, schemes of delegation, dates of meetings etc.
  • An annual calendar of governing board business and a termly suggested agenda for full governing board meetings to ensure that business is managed in a timely and effective manner.
  • Provision of a model 3 year review schedule for statutory policies
  • Advice and support on governance issues from the clerk both at and between meetings

Benefits of choosing us

  • Full enhanced access to GovernorHub including up to date news items, governor training information, guidance and policies in addition to providing administration of the hub,
  • A Governor training programme including Safeguarding, safer recruitment, Taking the Chair, Data, GDPR, Finance, Governor induction amongst others. Advice and assistance on governor election procedures, documentation, membership eligibility and disqualification procedures
  • Advice on instruments of government and on constitutional and procedural matters
  • Advice and liaison with the council on local authority recommended appointments
  • Advice on the role of clerks and governors