Our experienced ICT team are able to offer bespoke consultancy, project management support and training to suit your school’s individual requirements.

Islington Partners

Service Contact: : Steven Smith
T: 020 7527 4426


Our services include

  • Support for developing a whole-school IT strategy
  • Strategic ICT action planning
  • Developing the use of ICT to support administration processes
  • Planning for ICT in redevelopment projects
  • Procurement/tendering/contract management support for ICT goods and services
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Bespoke ICT training for admin, teaching or support staff
  • Chairing of ICT strategy meetings
  • ICT Project Management
  • ICT ‘Snapshot review’ healthchecks

How we will deliver it

  • Support tailored to your school’s needs
  • Projects led by a named consultant, supported by staff from across the team as appropriate
  • Consultancy services booked as single sessions or project packages
  • Bespoke training at your school or the Laycock Centre

Benefits of choosing us

  • Local service, responsive team with excellent knowledge of Islington Schools
  • Experienced team of consultants with influence at local, LGfL and national levels
  • Staff working in partnership with other service areas across LBI
  • Access to highly competitive Local Authority pricing for ICT procurement projects