Our service promotes improving outcomes for Children and Young People in Islington by supporting with leadership and management, improving teaching and learning within the Islington Community of Schools and as a broker of developing school to school support and capacity building for the future.

Islington Partners

Service Contact: Anthony Doudle
T: 020 7527 3387


Our services include

  • Bespoke support as identified in the Work in Support Schools (WiSS) document
  • Establishing School Improvement priorities and support required
  • Broker school to school support and challenge
  • Building capacity to enable school improvement to be sustained
  • Using data effectively to support school improvement
  • Drawing on best practice locally, nationally and internationally
  • Supporting schools to ensure pupils have access to high-quality teaching and learning
  • Supporting school leaders to influence change through coaching and mentoring
  • Access to teaching and learning consultant support
  • Bespoke support and service to develop leadership capacity

How we will deliver it

  • School based consultancy and training
  • Telephone and email helpdesk support (Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm)

Benefits of choosing us

  • Access to a skilled and experienced team with experience of school leadership
  • A proven track record of sustained school improvement
  • A partnership approach, creating bespoke solutions for schools
  • Expertise in developing middle and aspiring leaders
  • A creative team that can assist schools to overcome educational challenges

What our customers say

“I thoroughly recommend working with Islington’s School Improvement Service. The team have provide a range of experts,resources and strategies that have enabled us to rapidly push through transformational improvements at the classroom, leadership and community level.”

Thornhill Primary School