Working with and complementing your school staff, our services are designed to provide core financial support to meet all your school’s finance needs and to ensure that all your school’s statutory financial requirements are met. We aim to help achieve the best learning outcomes for pupils through continuous improvement of all areas of school financial management including best use of limited resources to obtain value for money.

Islington Partners

Service Contact: Martin Welham
T: 020 7527 5889


Three-days Standard Financial Support Service

The three-day support package is designed to provide one day’s support per term for key school tasks, which includes:

  • Budget planning software, training, advice and support to enable budget modelling and optimise use of resources through effective financial planning
  • Budget process review to include follow up budget finalisation workshops in May for School Business Managers
  • Direct on-site support for key financial management and system tasks
  • Support to school business managers to achieve statutory financial requirements to the required standard and on time
  • SIMS FMS6 advice, guidance, troubleshooting and support
  • Directly undertaking or providing support for Local Authority procedures, for example, quarterly reconciliations and VAT returns, year-end financial closedown and accounting for capital
  • Strategic financial advice to head teachers and governing bodies
  • Central support, advice and guidance
  • Where possible, support to meet the requirements of the School’s Financial Value Standard and to secure strong internal financial management, control and accountability
  • Core services including:
    • Helpdesk
    • SIMS FMS6 system support
    • Schools Finance Intranet
    • Budget planning pack
    • Provision of LBI financial benchmarking data and framework reports for primary and secondary schools

10 days Budget Monitoring Service

The 10-day support option provides one day per month support during term time. In addition to the items included in the Standard Financial Support Service, the Budget Monitoring service provides your school with:

  • Comprehensive and clear budget monitoring reports with narrative for governors based on system and other data after full discussion with the Head and School Business Manager
  • Attendance at finance committee meetings
  • Regular meetings with the Headteacher to discuss financial issues
  • Support to implement internal financial management and control
  • Support for key reconciliation processes

20 days Bursar Service

This 20-day support option comprises the equivalent of two-days per month during term time. This may either be one day per fortnight or one half-day per week or a combination of times that include off-site support to enable the use of central resources and optimise the time available to achieve your school's objectives.

This package provides your school with the services contained in the Standard Financial Support and Budget Monitoring services plus a direct hands-on payments and receipts management service that can also include:

  • Advice and support for long-term financial planning
  • Support and training for school administrative staff
  • Improvements to Internal financial management and control
  • Completion of quarterly reconciliation returns and resolution of any problem identified by the reconciliation process

How we will deliver the Service

  • A dedicated finance support officer for between 3 and 30 days
  • Remote access using hosted SIMS FMS6 and the HCSS budget planner
  • Schools’ Intranet – an online resource providing all the financial information you are likely to need
  • Budget Planning Pack plus online budget data
  • Budget Planning software with high-level functionality; populated with your individual school budget and LBI coding structures – supported by budget planning and budget finalisation workshops providing high-level guidance and advice with unlimited user support for any technical or usage queries
  • Monthly payroll reports, statements of income and charges and summary reconciliation sheets
  • Guidance notes and direct support as required for all key financial activities
  • Strategic information and support to facilitate collaborative schools working
  • Finance Helpdesk (Monday- Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm term time,10am-2pm during holidays)

Benefits of choosing us

  • Our staff skill sets complement and seek to develop those of your school staff to provide a financial support service with successful, cost effective outcomes
  • We understand Islington schools and the Council’s systems and requirements and provide the strategic financial framework for schools
  • The Schools Finance Team can cover every technical, operational and strategic financial issue in your school
  • We work closely with colleagues in ICT, HR, Corporate Finance and other Council services, the DFE and other Boroughs to provide a coordinated and effective response to your School’s needs

What our customers say

"We are delighted with the professional service that we receive from our schools’ resources officer, Colin Osafo. His knowledge and financial expertise surrounding the complex financial procedures and practices are second to none. Expert support and advice is received by the Head and Governors at the school"
- Ashmount Primary School

"The Islington Finance Team provide excellent value for money. The staff are very professional and have a great breadth and depth of knowledge."
- Christ the King Primary School

"We have used Islington Schools' Finance for over 15 years because we value the high standard of professional and personalised service we receive. The advice is always excellently matched closely to the changing needs of the school, as such it has become an integral and essential part of our school development."
- Margaret McMillan Nursery School