The Early Years Area SENCO Team has developed 2 pathways as a means to ensure all settings are aware of the wider service offer and the recommended steps to be taken in  meeting the needs.

The pathways, Area SENCO Team Referral to Involvement and SEND Accessing Additional Support aims to ensure all settings receive the appropriate level of support available, as defined in the pathways in order to maintain a standardised outcome.

Each pathway is unique to the individual user and acts as a “road map” of sorts, in providing prompts for accessing the relevant information, guidance and support. Most importantly, the pathways are designed as multidisciplinary tools that can be used as a means of communication between staff, parent carers and professionals in delivering a consistent approach across organisations.

Integrated working is achieved through collaboration and coordination at all levels, across all services, both single and multi-agency and if professionals do not work in a co-ordinated way, it is likely that the results of the support being offered will be variable.

It is also important to remember that the emotional toll and the stresses upon families of children with SEND are often significant. Service providers need to recognise this and be empathetic, supportive and understanding throughout the family journey in achieving the desired outcome.