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You need an email address to create an account and will need to verify your email address and have your account approved before you can log in. If you have an LGfL account, you may be able to register using this.

Resources on IslingtonCS

If you work in a school or Early Years setting, you'll find a load of information to support you in the Schools and Early Years channels.

Some content is restricted by your job role and the services your setting has purchased from Islington.

You'll also automatically receive the Schools' Bulletin or Bright Start Newsletter depending on your job role:

  • Schools' Bulletin is a summary of all the latest news and is sent twice-a-week during term-time to all Headteachers, Deputy Heads, School Administration Officers and School Business Managers
  • The Bright Start Newsletter is sent weekly to all senior leaders at all early years settings.
You can check your job role and your newsletter settings from My Profile and Bookings. See the links below for more help.


Once your account is approved, you will be able to book training through all four of our training channels.

See the pages below for information on how to book training and how to resolve common problems, including how to access your certificates after you have completed a course.