The 2019 Islington Computing Celebration will take place on Thursday, 17 January from 9:30am until 12:30pm at the Emirates Stadium. All schools are invited to attend. Book your school's place online:

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Organised by the Computing and Online safety Service, the event celebrates Computing and Digital from Islington Schools and beyond, and will include demonstrations from 100s of children and digital leaders showcasing their amazing digital and computing projects from the last year.

Miles Berry, Kate Russell from BBC Click and Theo Blackwell from the Mayor’s office, plus executive members of Islington Council have been invited, plus Tech and ed-tech companies, including BT, Microsoft, BBC, Lego, and Google.

Education Partners include Code Club, Childnet, Devvox for Kids, School of Noise, LGFL, Three Discovery, Nessy, 2Simple, and Institute of Imagination, as well as two new partners - Idea and Stem Ambassadors - who will all provide inspiration with their latest digital learning projects.

For more information, please contact Katy Potts, Computing and E-Safety Lead.

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