We are the Islington Community of Schools

A community working with partners in the arts, culture, science and businesses across the borough to achieve the best outcomes for all children and young people.

Islington is a borough of great contrasts. Not all children and young people have access to the same opportunities and resources. The Islington Community of Schools aims to redress some of these inequalities by working differently with existing partners and engaging new ones. Led by headteachers and governors representing all types of schools and education settings with support from Islington Council, the Islington Community of Schools builds on the strong sense of collaboration and goodwill that exists in the borough.

A bold approach

The Islington Community of Schools harnesses the huge enthusiasm, professional expertise and significant experience of education professionals working on behalf of Islington's children and young people. Focusing on:

  • Making Enrichment Activities Available for All Islington Children and Young People
  • Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Education Staff to Work in Islington
  • Providing Exposure to the World of Work
  • Building on a Strong Foundation of Strategic Partnerships
  • Making the Best Use of Financial Resources
  • Promoting Better Mental Health for Children and Young People
The Islington Community of Schools aims to develop ways of working that allow us to identify and tackle difficult problems.