The borough of Islington has an outstanding cultural offer.

We are home to thriving cultural and creative industries, offering some of the best jobs in the world across virtually all sectors.

Despite these many advantages, many young people simply don't get to experience them. They face barriers like child poverty, overcrowding at home and unemployment.

11 by 11: inspiring young people through culture

The  Islington Fair Futures Commission called for more enrichment activity to support children and young people to develop ‘skills for life’. This is reflected in Islington Council’s corporate priority to ensure that all of our children get the best start in life and that our schools are places where all young people can learn and thrive.

We recognise the social, emotional, education and cognitive benefits of these experiences, and believe that there should be no barriers any child accessing these.

Islington Council is also committed to helping all young people prepare for the future world of work by helping them to develop the right skills and an understanding of what career options are available to them.

These aims have developed into the Islington Cultural Pledge - a borough-wide call to action for businesses and cultural organisations to work together to ensure equality of access to enrichment activities for children and young people, particularly targeting those who are most in need and most disadvantaged.

One key element of the Pledge is ’11 by 11’ – the commitment to make available 11 outstanding cultural experiences by Year 11 for all children and young people in an Islington school.