Employers and Partners have pledged to deliver free World of Work activities for Islington schools to take part in.

The programme is designed to make it as easy as possible for schools to work with these organisations. There is a huge amount of inspirational activity on offer and everything is free to Islington schools.

Here's what you need to do to book an activity

100 hours world of work logo

1. Review the menu​

The Activity menu shows what is on offer from our employer partners.


2. Get in touch​

Complete our form to let us know you're interested.

If an activity is already booked, we will provide details of similar opportunities or when the activity is next available.


3. Plan and deliver the activity

The Employment Team will support your school and the World of Work partner to successfully deliver the activity.


Help us improve!

We want to continue to improve the programme so it is simple to get involved and delivers the most impact for everyone involved.

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