Information and links for head teachers, including tips on how to get the most out of IslingtonCS.

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Latest news

You can view all news items from the Schools' Bulletin archive. Don't forget that each service area also has its own news folder and you can check these for subject-specific updates. Links to the most common sections are below.

Islington Headteachers Network

The Islington Headteachers’ Network is open to all Heads in Islington and exists to provide an independent forum for school leaders to discuss issues which affect them, and the quality of the teaching they provide.

  • At 6 square miles, Islington is the second smallest borough in the country and the most densely populated
  • It has the second-highest rate of child poverty in the UK
  • 92% of Islington schools are judged by Ofsted to be good or outstanding (national figure is 70%)
  • 73% Early Years provision judged by Ofsted to be good or better (upper quartile nationally)

For more information contact The Islington Headteachers’ Network:

Islington Headteachers Network
51 Bredgar Road
London N19 5BS

IslingtonCS tips

Here are some tips about getting the most out of using IslingtonCS and sharing content:

Update your profile

Make sure your profile is up to date with:

  • the correct email address
  • the right job title
  • the right training level
  • the right course alerts
By doing this, you can make sure that you are receiving all of the information you need and can easily book training.

How to edit your account

If you log in with LGfL login and haven't logged in for a while, you will be asked to confirm your email address the next time you log in. If you get an error saying that a user is registered with this email address, this means you have two accounts and they need to be merged. Please email us to let us know and we can fix this.

Bookmark news pages

Each service area has its own news folder and you can bookmark direct links to these for subject-specific updates.

How to bookmark pages

Search using speech marks

If you want to search for a particular document or phrase, place the phrase in "speechmarks" in the search box and the system will then only search for items that include all of those words.

search with speech marks

Click a link - again

If you try to access any restricted content and aren't logged in, you'll be directed to the login page and asked to log in. After you have successfully logged in, you should then be redirected back to the content you were trying to access. If this doesn't happen, click back to go back to the page you were on before and click the link again. This also applies to any links from emails: once you have logged in, click the link again. You will remain logged in to IslingtonCS for up to 90 minutes after no activity.

Share links by right-clicking

If you want to share a PDF or other document with another member of staff, you can right-click on the link and select 'copy link address' or 'copy shortcut' and then you can share this link. That will then take them directly to the document.

Copy link address


For further help with using IslingtonCS, including instructional videos, please see the dedicated pages in 'About Us'.

Line managers need to authorise all new accounts created by staff at your setting and approve any training requests. They can also request training on behalf of colleagues:

Line managers